Amanda Walsh

Client Service Manger

Amanda CasualAmanda joined LCA in 2019 as a Client Service Manager and has quickly proven that she was up to the task of specialising in the BAS team.

Amanda comes from a diverse background of social work and customer solutions specialist and training, with some book keeping on the side.

Amanda loves numbers and loves the new challenge of working in the accounting sector, assisting people with their digital queries as well as breaking down the Business Activity Summary into easy to understand terms.

Amanda’s main focus is to lodge all BAS and IAS on time and have 100% compliance quarterly.

Amanda is the life of the party at LCA being one of the very few extroverts.  She’s always happy and so accommodating in solving any problem.  We all love having Amanda on our team she makes us laugh every day.

Amanda can certainly be relied upon to make things happen.

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